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© 2017 by TAMARA.


Tamara, a jewelry and accessory designer for women, 
came into being in 2005 in Tel Aviv, after graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
Tamara Gartenberg is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose creations move constantly between the world of design and that of art, enveloped by her deep passion for the world of fashion.

Tamara's jewelry and accessories never go unnoticed. Their original and refreshing combination of materials – whether top-quality fabrics, soft materials, metal or gems – are all hand-made with the greatest regard to detail and fine finish.

Her tendency to bring together unusual objects sends Tamara on an infinite quest for the exact piece she is looking for – authentic vintage elements, exquisite laces, collars…   
The vast diversity of materials comes to life in a rich and mesmerizing collection of jewelry, creating a stylish and sensual mosaic that is nostalgic, yet trendy and fashionable.
Tamara's style is wide and diverse; one can find classic necklaces side by side with jewelry that is both romantic and classic.

Beyond beauty and artistry, Tamara believes that jewelry and accessories give every appearance a certain nuance that, together with a sense of sophistication and humor, 
enables any woman to express her uniqueness without words.
Tamara's jewelry and accessories are produced in small series that are constantly being renewed; they are sold in leading designer shops, boutiques and galleries in Israel and abroad.