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Shipping Policy

Shipping rates and shipping agent are determined exclusively by Tamara Jewelry, who reserves the right to adjust these as needed from time to time, at its sole discretion. Unless otherwise stated, shipping rates are as follows:


For items in stock:
Shipping to destinations abroad within 10-14 business days: $15
Shipping to destinations in Israel within 4-6 business days: 50 NIS

Shipments in Israel may be performed by regular mail which can take up to 21 business days. If you prefer to receive you order sooner, express courier is available in some destinations, delivered within 48 hours. Please indicate your preferred shipping method with your order.


Tamara Jewelry will make every fair and reasonable effort to work in conformity to the delivery schedules as stated here, but will not be held responsible for whatever delays may occur in the supply of items purchased on the website, and the purchaser hereby waives the right to file any lawsuit and/or demand and/or claim in respect thereof and/or for any damages incurred thereby.

Tamara Jewelry is not responsible for payment of customs duties and/or fees and/or any other taxes that may be demanded by the customs authorities in the country of the purchased items’ receipt.

*משלוח חינם באמצעות שליח עד הבית בקניה מעל 300 ש"ח. המשלוח באמצעות דואר שליחים באיזורים בהם ניתן השירות.

ביעדים בהם לא ניתן השירות (מטעם הדואר), ישלח המוצר באמצעות דואר רשום.

Return & Exchange Policy

You may return items purchased on the site for a full refund of the price of the items, within 14 days of the purchase date against presentation of an original invoice, and on the condition that the item is new, in its original packaging, and unused. Postage/delivery costs must be paid by the sender and will not be refunded.



Returned items should be sent to Tamara Jewelry at 42 revivim St, Tel Aviv Israel, 6935488 WITHIN 10 DAYS if purchased in Israel. For items delivered outside Israel, items should be sent to Tamara Jewelry at 42 revivim St, Tel Aviv Israel, 6935488 WITHIN 21 DAYS.


At Tamara Jewelry, we take great pride in our customer service.  If you have any inquiries please contact us [LINK] with your question.